The Role of SiteMap® in Enhancing Construction Safety Protocols

The Role of SiteMap® in Enhancing Construction Safety Protocols

Imagine a place where all your information and data are stored together. A place where your data is organized, tagged, aggregated, and available 24/7 in a secure online software platform where it is easy to search and share. There are many underground utility management software options, but none are quite like SiteMap® (patent pending), which is a one-stop shop to Intelligently Visualize The Built World® . With SiteMap®, you’re able to put security first, without the extra hassle. 

The construction industry is relatively dangerous, with extensive risks. In fact, the construction industry accounts for 21% of all deaths among U.S. workers, making it one of the most dangerous fields in which to work. While some of these deaths are from incidents like falls, there are a number of them that are caused by issues with utility mapping, or lack thereof. SiteMap® helps enhance construction safety protocols in a variety of ways, allowing crews to complete their work without extra risk. 

Construction RisksFalls are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls accounted for 33.5% of construction fatalities in 2019.

The Construction Conundrum

As mentioned above, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous to work in. In 2021 alone, there were 169,200 total recorded injuries in construction. That is a huge number and is topped by the death rate in construction, which is 9.4 per 100,000 workers. Staying safe in the field is an issue that construction & safety managers everywhere have been trying to solve for some time now. However, the answer doesn’t always come easy, at least until now. 

The construction industry is also rife with OSHA violations. 

  • 70,395: The average number of annual OSHA citations in construction from 2011-2020.
  • $102.7 million: Average annual OSHA penalties.
  • $2,697: Average OSHA penalty per inspection.
  • $8.35 million: The highest OSHA penalty ever issued to a single contractor

Beyond the instance and cost of OSHA violations, there are other costs that construction professionals are facing due to poor safety matters. 

  • $5 billion: Annual cost of construction-related deaths, as measured in lost production, lost family income, and pain and suffering.
  • $7.87 billion: The cost of workers’ compensation direct costs from the top five injury causes in construction
  • $35,000: The average cost of one lost-time injury on a job site.

Further, an NSC survey showed that for every dollar invested in risk prevention, $2 was saved in accident consequences. The NSC also estimated that each prevented injury and/or illness saves the employer around $37,000, with each prevented fatality saving a whopping $1,390,000. Multiple studies have come to the same conclusion, which is doing nothing about construction accidents is 200% to 300% more expensive than investing in prevention measures.

Let’s also keep in mind that damages were up 12.35% per million dollars of construction spending in 2022 alone. 

By investing in safety, construction professionals and companies can save money, and save lives. SiteMap® is just one of those measures that could greatly decrease the number of accidents and fatalities per year. 

The SiteMap® Solution 

SiteMap® offers a comprehensive solution for underground utility mapping. Backed by the 99.8% accuracy rating of GPRS, SiteMap® is the perfect tool for increasing construction safety. At its core, SiteMap® is a fantastic solution for utility mapping, which is useful on its own, but the other built-in components of SiteMap® make it an invaluable tool for construction safety. 

Great Accuracy 

Construction is often a high-impact field, meaning that the infrastructure is often taking a lot of impact, which can cause breakage, accidents, and even seismic activity in extreme cases. Accuracy is important in construction, as utility strikes are still a risk for those wielding high-powered, high-impact pieces of machinery. Should a construction professional hit the wrong spot at the wrong depth, it could easily hit a utility line or something else buried within the subsurface. This is an issue that is easily helped by the technology that GPRS has mastered and uses daily. 

By using SiteMap®, construction teams can easily see where they should drill and where they shouldn’t. SiteMap® is simply searched, represented, and even shared. Workers and professionals of all experience levels can easily and quickly understand the subsurface data represented in SiteMap®, meaning that your construction crew can rely on the great accuracy of GPRS no matter their previous experience or even their location. When you know what is below your feet, you’re able to avoid zones that would cause an incident, creating a safer construction environment for everyone. 

Access Granted 

SiteMap® is created with you in mind, allowing you to take control of your data and use it how you need to, when you need to, and with whom you need to. You can put everyone on the same page with a single source of truth that is accessible to everyone who needs it for the life of your project, 24/7 from your preferred computer or mobile device. Secure your subsurface files, maps, and drawings in one centralized Digital Plan Room accessible to only those you designate through the life of your project.

It’s easy to share your SiteMap® with other members of your team, and only those members. SiteMap® is secure, featuring levels of encryption and security that help to protect your data, both your utility data and your personal information as well. Grant access to the right people, keeping your team in the loop from anywhere. 

Functionality For Pros

SiteMap® was made by professionals for professionals. With your SiteMap® account, you can take control of your subsurface data just like a pro. This means that you’ll save money, and prevent accidents, including fatalities. SiteMap® is advanced, offering optimal solutions for the construction industry and beyond. Some of these features include: 

  • Secure cloud-based storage
  • Upload and store as-built drawings and site records
  • Ability to import existing infrastructure data
  • Attach videos, photos, GPR data, and other documents
  • Access to GPRS data
  • Easy to use and understand without extra knowledge
  • Backed by GPRS’ 99.8% accuracy
  • View your data how you want in the Map Viewer
  • Take control of your Digital Plan Room

SiteMap® offers advanced features without confusion. Construction teams can view accurately located utility information from anywhere, even if it’s their first day on the job. Depending on your subscription, you can also view historical data, integrate your own GIS (though SiteMap® has one too), and more. SiteMap® gives you professional features and accurate data, without the complexity. SiteMap® is for the people, to help protect the people. 

Applied Science

SiteMap® is backed by and created with some of the world’s finest technology. This technology has been continuously improving for many years, and now offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to problems that many industries face, including the construction industry. When construction teams use SiteMap®, they’re unlocking many benefits, including:

  • Increased safety with accurate utility locating
  • Stay on a budget without repairs due to utility accidents
  • Avoid delays due to utility accidents
  • Avoid injuries and fatalities due to utility strikes
  • Lower OSHA violation risk
  • Improve your reputation with greater safety
  • Keep your workers productive and protected

By applying the science that SiteMap® offers to your job site, you’re creating a safer, more productive, and more efficient work site. You’re also creating a site that has a reduced chance of collecting preventable OSHA violations. This saves you money, maintains your reputation, and allows your projects to finish on time without disaster. 

SiteMap® is a simple, efficient, and user-friendly solution for subsurface utility mapping and visualization. Understanding your job site is a requirement by OSHA, and that should include proper subsurface data whenever possible.  Construction crews may utilize the amazing benefits of SiteMap® to better secure nearly any job site. Delays may happen, but they don’t need to happen because of poor utility mapping. SiteMap® offers modern solutions to an age-old problem, now at your fingertips. Don’t risk a catastrophe, schedule a SiteMap® demo today to learn more about how we can help your construction team stay on budget, on time, and accident-free.