SiteMap began as an infrastructure mapping solution for an academic facility.

GPRS previously performed utility locating for this academic facility. The facility managers knew that the facility had a complex set-up of underground utilities. They often needed our company to scan and mark locations using our advanced ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic (EM) technology. However, it was almost impossible for GPRS to find every underground utility that the campus contains per each project. Therefore, for a complex facility, it typically took multiple projects to detect and mark each underground utility.

After a conversation with the owner of the facility, we realized that a new solution had to be created. A solution that would provide the facility owner with better communications, better maps, and better data management.

That solution is SiteMap.

SiteMap (powered by GPRS), is a cloud-based digital platform designed to be an easy-to-use portal, containing your brand-new, accurate, and up-to-date “as-built” drawings all in one place. Designed with an intuitive user interface, SiteMap delivers permanent records of site assets and infrastructure knowledge, allowing safer excavations, saw cutting, and core drilling projects.

SiteMap gives you project infrastructure information and data quickly and easily. SiteMap makes GPRS’s facility mapping and modeling easier by granting clients the ability to get organized. You no longer have to worry about record drawings being stored in multiple locations, inaccurate record drawings, or knowledge of your site only being known to a specific team member.

GPRS is here to provide any company, facility, or organization with the opportunity to partake in SiteMap. We’re in the business of safety, and there’s no shortage of projects to help us reach our 100% damage prevention goal!