The Future of Collaborative Project Management: SiteMap® Project

The Future of Collaborative Project Management: SiteMap® Project

More than 50% of workers in the USA say that their job relies on collaboration. In the realm of project management, collaboration and seamless data sharing are the cornerstones of success. With SiteMap’s (patent pending) Project level subscription, users are given access to a revolutionary platform that is set to redefine collaborative project management. There are plenty of ways that this interactive platform is changing how people manage their facilities, their projects, and their team. Learn more about how SiteMap® Project can help you transform your project management functionality.


Construction Workers looking at their utility data using SiteMap

The Evolution of Project Management

Traditionally, project management involved disparate teams working in silos, struggling with communication barriers and fragmented data. As projects grew in complexity, the need for cohesive collaboration and unified data sharing became paramount. Proper project management and teamwork is paramount for project success, with one study revealing that communication breakdowns affected the workplace in some big ways. 44% of those studied felt it caused delays or failure to complete projects, 31% said it led to low company morale, and 52% said it led to increased levels of stress. SiteMap® Project steps in as a game-changer, offering a range of features that herald a new era in project management, GIS software, and subsurface data management. There is site mapping software, and then there’s SiteMap®. 


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Understanding SiteMap®’s Project Level

SiteMap’s Project Level introduces a collaborative ecosystem, transcending traditional project management approaches with its innovative functionalities. With SiteMap® Project, you unlock the tools required to properly map and understand your project site. There is a huge importance to properly mapping and understanding subsurface infrastructure.

There is alarmingly poor recordkeeping for buried infrastructure and what is mapped is often unavailable, incomplete, and inaccurate. This can cause many hazards for the public. For example, in the case with buried pipelines, between 1998-2017 there were at least 5,714 significant accidents that occurred in the USA. These incidents resulted in an unimaginable 306 fatalities, over 1,260 injuries, and more than $7 billion in property damage. About 40% of these incidents were related to poor utility locating practices, which means that nearly half of these were avoidable.

SiteMap® Project makes it easier than ever to lower the number of accidents, and to increase project management functionality. With a comprehensive set of features meant to make your job easier, SiteMap® Project has a wide variety of offerings, such as:


Ultimate Control

With SiteMap® Project, you’re in control of your data and your project in turn. You’re able to put everyone on the same page with a single source of truth, which is accessible to everyone who needs it for the life of your project. You can access this data and adjust what you need 24/7 from any mobile device or computer.

You can control information flow, putting the right information into the right hands, at the right time. You own and access all your project data, whether ordered by you, your subcontractor, or someone else in charge. If GPRS did the work, you’ll be able to see it and interact with it seamlessly in SiteMap®.


Communicate With Ease

With SiteMap® Project, you strip away confusion by providing customized communication that reinforces each team member’s objectives with geographically segmented data that is specific to your needs. You can also print, save, and even copy your SiteMap® data. This allows you to communicate real-time subsurface as built information in whatever format works best for your team and your needs.

Further, SiteMap® allows you to retain and access every iteration of your digital as builts to securely document and reference your project’s progress. This makes it easy to access what you need, whenever you need to, without any security risk that may be involved with other platforms or methods of infrastructure storage.


Increased Accuracy

SiteMap® Project allows you to secure your subsurface files, maps, and drawings in one centralized Digital Plan Room accessible to only those you designate through the life of your project. This helps speed up progress, while ensuring that everyone has access to the correct data. This isn’t typical of traditional utility mapping. In fact, over 62% of facility managers, directors, and administrators admit they must look in multiple locations to find subsurface utility information before breaking ground.

Your data is accurate, but it’s also safe. With your subscription, you can easily safeguard the real-time accuracy of your subsurface data against unauthorized uploads or edits. SiteMap® is built to be secure, yet user-friendly.  Protect your jobsite, your team, your budget, and your reputation with GPRS’ 99.8% accurate subsurface data to prevent utility strikes and damage that could derail your timeline and your budget.


Subsurface utility data depicted in SiteMap

Example of layered subsurface utility data in SiteMap, powered by GPRS


Put Your Data to Work

With SiteMap®, you get a one-stop subsurface infrastructure management shop. With easy to read, interactive 3D mapping, plus more, your data is beautifully displayed within your SiteMap® subscription, no matter which level you’re working from. SiteMap® is made with the user in mind and is backed by the amazing technology of GPRS, making it an accurate, accessible, and revolutionary platform.

SiteMap® is easy to sign up for, with your account creation taking under five minutes. From there, you’re given access to a clean, easy-to-understand platform that displays your data in real-time maps and figures. Your data is layered, tagged, and interactive, allowing you to look at the piece of data you need, when you need it. SiteMap® helps make the subsurface simple.

SiteMap® Project represents a paradigm shift in project management methodologies. By providing a unified platform for collaborative data sharing and fostering streamlined communication among stakeholders and workers, it epitomizes the future of efficient, transparent, and successful project management practices.

As technology continues to evolve, SiteMap’s commitment to innovation, accuracy, and safety ensures that all SiteMap® levels remain at the forefront, revolutionizing the way teams collaborate, share information, and execute projects. SiteMap® offers a visionary approach which sets new benchmarks in collaborative project management, ushering in an era of efficiency, accuracy, and seamless teamwork. Keep it simple, keep it with SiteMap®.

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