The Benefits of Cross-Referencing Facility Data: SiteMap’s Unique Advantage

The Benefits of Cross-Referencing Facility Data: SiteMap’s Unique Advantage

It’s 1978, you’re in the passenger seat of your best friend’s new Volkswagen Beetle. You’re staring at a map made in 1973, but it’s not quite matching the road in front of you. “Try the 77 edition,” your friend says, and suddenly it’s like the road opens and the world makes more sense. By cross-referencing the two maps, you’re able to get where you’re going.

The same could be said for utilities and other important subsurface data. Highways can change overnight, and so can utilities and the subsurface infrastructure that helps power them.

In the bustling world of facility management, data is crucial for efficiency, functionality, and optimization. It empowers decision-making, streamlines operations, and enhances the overall performance of any given facility. Just like road maps, not all data is created equal, and the true power lies in Intelligent Visualization®, integration, and cross-referencing.  SiteMap® (patent pending) is a unique software platform that offers a myriad of benefits through its ability to cross-reference and display facility data effectively.


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Understanding SiteMap’s Innovative Advantage 

SiteMap® isn’t just another infrastructure management software platform; it’s a comprehensive and nearly complete solution that understands the significance of interconnectivity within facility data, all backed by amazing GPRS technology. 

Many resources are being mapped, but these systems rarely interconnect. This is not for lack of trying, as over a year ago, the U.S. government delivered the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This is a historic investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure that is meant to rebuild roads and bridges, replace lead pipes, help provide high-speed internet to everywhere in the USA, deliver cheaper and cleaner energy, and change people’s lives. However, despite a year of great effort, the infrastructure, and the mapping of it is still behind, which not only slows progress but also brings additional risk. 

By amalgamating various data points, SiteMap® offers facility infrastructure insights that would otherwise remain hidden within siloed information. SiteMap® is a  one-stop solution for subsurface infrastructure data and mapping in an ever changing landscape.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

Facilities generate an abundance of data from various sources—maintenance logs, equipment records, utility usage, and more. Often, this data resides in separate databases or systems, creating fragmented insights and information siloes. SiteMap’s prowess lies in its ability to harmonize this information. Depending on your subscription level, users may upload their own data sets, which are comparable to GPRS’ data. By cross-referencing data sets, it unveils correlations and patterns that can help drive operational efficiency. 

However, even with a basic SiteMap® Personal subscription, each user is given an in-depth look at the utilities GPRS has mapped on their site. When users can see all their data in one space, it increases operational efficiency greatly. In fact, studies show that proper record management is key to the attainment of institutional goals. Without proper record keeping, systems and organizations begin to fail, or at least operate inefficiently. 

Precise Resource Allocation 

Resource allocation is a critical aspect of facility management. When someone orders work by GPRS, they’re given a complimentary SiteMap® Personal account, which their data is then uploaded to. This data is mapped, cached, layered, and is displayed in a way that anyone can understand. By cross-referencing data, you’re able to get the full picture, therefore gaining a better understanding of where resource allocation should lie.

83% of executives name resource allocation as the most critical management aspect, but it’s also the one that many struggle with most. When you have appropriate data, allocation of resources goes much more smoothly, even if that data is cross-referenced infrastructure data.

Proactive Maintenance Strategies 

Predictive maintenance is a game-changer in facility management, and SiteMap®empowers you to implement proactive maintenance strategies. For those with a subscription that offers such abilities, correlating historical maintenance data with other crucial data, users can identify when and where maintenance is crucial. This allows for preemptive maintenance, reducing costly downtime and extending the lifespan of critical assets. 

Informed Decision-Making 

Facility managers are tasked with making informed decisions to ensure smooth operations. SiteMap’s many capabilities provide comprehensive and accurate data insights. By integrating data from various sources should your subscription tier allow you to do so, it enables better decision making regarding capital investments, operational changes, and resource optimization. SiteMap® allows you to use your data in your way. From simple discoveries to in-depth data tracking, there’s a lot you can manage by utilizing SiteMap®. 

For instance, a SiteMap® Team subscription offers administrative collaboration across your portfolio, whether your footprint is citywide or nationwide. It helps eliminate information bottlenecks, fragmented and siloed data across projects, and builds personal accountability for key team members throughout your portfolio.


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Informed decision making is best, especially when dealing with infrastructure. Safety starts with statistics, and SiteMap® is adept at helping you organize and display data that could help project managers, investors, field workers, and other stakeholders make well-informed decisions. Powered by the advanced technology of GPRS, the data is 99.8% accurate, meaning that when you make decisions with SiteMap®, you make accurate, well-informed decisions. 

In today’s data-driven landscape, the true value of information lies not just in its quantity but in its strategic integration. SiteMap® is at the front of innovation by offering a platform that excels in infrastructure management that is in-depth, accurate, and customizable. This is right down to cross-referencing data, depending on your subscription. Its unique advantage lies in the ability to transform disparate data sets into actionable insights, driving efficiency, cost savings, and improved performance within facilities. 

By leveraging SiteMap’s capabilities to display and correlate diverse data sources, facility managers can unlock the full potential of their facilities, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in an ever-evolving landscape of challenges and opportunities. The world is changing, be sure that you keep an updated map, or you just may not get to where you need to. Contact us today to hear more about how SiteMap® can help you.


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