SiteMap® Personal: A Game-Changer in Subsurface Utility Data Management

SiteMap® Personal: A Game-Changer in Subsurface Utility Data Management

Managing subsurface utility data is a complex endeavor, often characterized by challenges in accuracy, accessibility, and organization. There is a lot going on in the world that you don’t see:, for every city above ground, there is another complex city of pipes, wires, and other mazes below it. SiteMap® (patent pending) introduces a groundbreaking solution to help make sense of the world around us: SiteMap® Personal. This innovative tool stands as a game-changer in subsurface utility data management, offering unparalleled capabilities that transform how professionals navigate the intricate world beneath our surfaces, which only benefits the world above.

The Subsurface Conundrum

 “Science isn’t useful unless it’s communicated.” This is just one blatantly true statement by scientist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant. She also adds “GIS turns statistics and numbers into pictures and maps.” SiteMap® is adept at taking data and making it into something that is easily visualized and interacted with, allowing communication on a new level, while fostering the growth of new technologies.

The accurate mapping, communication, and management of subsurface infrastructure are imperative for various industries, including construction, engineering, urban planning, and infrastructure development. However, traditional approaches to subsurface utility data management have been fraught with difficult challenges such as:

  • Data Fragmentation:  Information about subsurface utilities is scattered across various sources, leading to fragmented and incomplete datasets. This makes communication and utilization of data nearly impossible in some cases.
  • Inaccuracy and Risk: Lack of precise data can lead to costly errors, project delays, and safety hazards, some of these can go so far as to result in fatalities. The 2022 DIRT report cites 163,726 U.S. damages alone.
  • Accessibility Concerns: Accessing and interpreting subsurface utility map data in a user-friendly manner has been a persistent challenge for professionals. Many other infrastructure management platforms give access to data, but they don’t make it easy to understand or read. This limits who can interact with the information, and who can use it properly. This is both a hinderance and a risk.



Introducing SiteMap® Personal: Redefining Subsurface Utility Management

 SiteMap® Personal emerges as a leader of innovation, addressing the shortcomings of traditional data management practices with its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities. Some of these features and capabilities include:

The Centralized Data Repository

SiteMap® Personal serves as a centralized hub, tagging, layering, and organizing subsurface utility data from GPRS. In other SiteMap® subscription tiers, users may also have access to historical data, and the ability to upload their own drawings, plans, and specifications. This consolidation ensures a unified and complete, aggregated dataset for informed decision-making. With SiteMap® Personal, your data is stored safely and securely. This means that you control access to your data, making sharing, searching, and utilizing easier than ever. 

High-Precision Utility Mapping

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies by GPRS, SiteMap® Personal offers precise and accurate mapping of subsurface utilities. GPRS celebrates a stunning 99.8% accuracy level, a level that is unmatched in the industry. This level of accuracy minimizes the risk of costly, draining, dangerous incidents and ensures project timelines are met without unexpected hindrances or disaster.

94% of utility locating damage root causes reported to the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) in 2022 were caused by incomplete or inaccurate subsurface infrastructure data. 67% of those were due to locate errors, 14% due to missing markings, 10% due to incorrect mapping or records, and even 3% due to abandoned or forgotten lines. Further, damages were up 12.35% per million dollars of construction spending in 2022. Per the 2022 DIRT report, damages are up for the third year in a row. 

User-Friendly Interface

Accessibility is key, and SiteMap® Personal excels in providing an intuitive interface. Professionals can easily navigate through the system, visualize data layers, and extract valuable insights without extensive training. Once your GPRS utility locate job is complete, you’ll be able to download and access your complimentary Personal subscription, and even your data, usually within five minutes after the job is complete.

Collaboration and Integration

Facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, project & facility managers, and other users, SiteMap® Personal enables seamless integration with and support of existing systems and workflows. This interoperability streamlines processes, fostering efficient project management and coordination. While you unlock extra collaboration features in higher subscription tiers, your SiteMap® Personal subscription offers a basic, easy to use way to enhance your collaboration among your team. With all your data in a single source of truth, it’s easier than ever to allow your team to see the data they need to see, when they need to see it. 

Crossing Industries with Ease

GPRS doesn’t offer SiteMap® as a solution tailored to a specific industry; its versatility and comprehensive features make it an invaluable asset across various sectors. Here are some ways to how it benefits a wide array of industries: 

Construction and Engineering

Precise Mapping: For construction projects, accurate subsurface utility mapping is crucial to avoid costly errors and delays, or worse. Because of the 99.8% accuracy rating powered by GPRS, users are given access to high-precision mapping which ensures accurate data for excavation and construction planning.

Risk Mitigation: SiteMap® Personal  helps to minimize the risk of utility strikes during construction by providing real-time data and precise locations of subsurface utilities, enhancing safety measures and allowing professionals to stay knowledgeable and safe. 

Utilities and Energy

Asset Management: SiteMap® Personal helps utility managers with their infrastructure by providing a centralized repository of subsurface utility data, aiding in maintenance, and upgraded planning. Sitemap® makes it easy to keep all your important data in one easy to access, secure platform.

Optimized Operations: Real-time monitoring capabilities assist in optimizing energy distribution, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The accuracy, the accessibility, the easy user interface, and more. All these things combine together to help optimize project operations, no matter what the industry

Urban Planning and Development

Infrastructure Planning:  SiteMap® Personal aids in urban development by providing detailed subsurface data, facilitating informed decisions about city infrastructure expansion or renovation. With such detailed data at your fingertips, it’s easy to understand where to work and where to let be. This helps prevent delays, accidents, and budget issues.

Public Safety:  SiteMap® Personal helps to mitigate risks associated with utility accidents in urban and rural areas, ensuring public safety during development projects. With high accuracy, and up-to-date infrastructure data management, your personal subscription provides basic, yet accurate information to help aid any project or facility manager keep their job site secure and running safely.

Transportation and Logistics

Efficient Planning:  43% of our nation’s roadways are in poor condition. SiteMap® Personal helps transportation and logistics companies in planning routes and infrastructure development by providing accurate subsurface utility data.

Reduced Disruptions: Your subscription, no matter which level, helps prevent disruptions caused by unexpected utility strikes during road or infrastructure maintenance.

Environmental and Natural Resource Management

Environmental Protection:  SiteMap® helps to aid in environmental conservation efforts by providing precise data on underground utilities, minimizing the risk of damage to natural resources during development projects.

Ecosystem Preservation: By utilizing precise, easy to understand mapping, you’re ensuring that subsurface activities do not adversely affect sensitive ecological areas. 

Telecommunications and Technology

Network Planning:  Fiber internet is becoming much more popular, with 43% of American households having access to fiber internet connections. As this trend continues to grow, and as more utilities opt to bury electric and internet lines, the use of GPR and other technologies will become crucial. SiteMap®  can assist telecom companies in planning and laying out networks by providing accurate subsurface utility mapping.

Service Continuity:  SiteMap® helps ensure uninterrupted service by minimizing utility strikes that could disrupt network infrastructure. This is done by providing accurate, up to date mapping technologies and information.

Facility Management and Real Estate

Property Development: Your SiteMap® account can help in site selection by providing insights into subsurface utilities, ensuring informed decision-making for property development. This is especially true when it comes to identifying LUST sites, which may cause issues for potential developers.

Asset Maintenance:  SiteMap® can help to facilitate proactive maintenance of building utilities, reducing downtime, and enhancing the lifespan of infrastructure.

SiteMap’s adaptability, precision, and ability to streamline operations make it an indispensable tool across a diverse range of industries. Its capacity to mitigate risks, enhance planning, and improve overall efficiency makes it an asset for professionals in any field that deals with subsurface utility data management. More fields are finding subsurface utility data to be useful and important, and SiteMap® will be there for those industries.

SiteMap® Personal is an adaptive, innovative, unique solution for geospatial solutions. Infrastructure data management is crucial for a wide range of applications and industries, and the accuracy of SiteMap and GPRS proves to be essential for the performance of and management of facilities across a scope of applications. In the realm of subsurface utility data management, SiteMap® Personal stands as a catalyst for transformation. Its ability to centralize, visualize, and manage subsurface utility data with unparalleled accuracy and accessibility redefines the landscape for professionals in various industries.

By embracing SiteMap® Personal, professionals can navigate the subsurface realm with confidence, leveraging a tool that not only mitigates risks but also optimizes project timelines, enhances safety, and revolutionizes the way subsurface utility data is managed and utilized. For greater features, users have the option to upgrade their subscription to a Team, or Pro subscription. With SiteMap® Personal, your data works for you.

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