SiteMap® FAQ: How Is the Security of My Data Maintained in SiteMap®, and How Is It Recovered If Deleted?

SiteMap® FAQ: How Is the Security of My Data Maintained in SiteMap®, and How Is It Recovered If Deleted?

SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, is a singular subsurface infrastructure mapping solution which allows facility managers and their teams to store, map, model, and share their facility data with ease. This industry-leading platform provides construction industry leaders and their teams with the digital tools they need to succeed in construction projects of any size or complexity.

While this innovative infrastructure asset management system was designed to be user-friendly and easily navigated with little to no training prior to using the platform, we recognize that, with implementing any new system, there are initial questions and concerns starting out. We believe that customer feedback is the best possible way to learn about your experience of our services and how we can improve them.

That’s why SiteMap® partnered with a premier consumer insights firm, FINCH Brands, to perform a large-scale survey of 110 qualified respondents. The respondents were vetted professionals working within the construction industry, and chosen based on their level of experience and management responsibilities. Their  responsibilities included  making capital expenditure decisions for their facilities and managing one or more building projects across multiple sites.

The goal of this survey was to identify the major issues facility managers and their teams face today, so we could propose modern solutions to address  these issues.

One of the theoretical tools demonstrated to the surveyed group was SiteMap®. It was clear from the results of the survey that SiteMap’s unparalleled visualization capabilities provide the solutions facility managers were looking for, going above and beyond that of any standard GIS or cloud-based platform.

 SiteMap, powered by GPRS, is a place where all your facility information can be stored and utilized for collaboration.

With SiteMap®, communication, organization, and safety on any project are streamlined, allowing for better collaboration and greater project success than ever before.  It’s of little surprise that 90% of the facility managers surveyed who were not currently using a cloud-based system for data storage expressed interest in utilizing SiteMap® for their future projects. More specifically, 60% of facility managers surveyed noted the 3D digital spatial information, (i.e. mapping and modeling as a major benefit to SiteMap’s capabilities) as a major benefit. Additionally, 55% of participants expressed interest in using the underground utility & pipe inspection capabilities offered through GPRS and mapped/modeled via SiteMap®. Secondary benefits were also identified through this survey, including the platform’s comprehensive access, as all the data needed for a project would now be secured in one place, and the accuracy of information and models, since the most up-to-date information and real-time data are made available to all team members at the same time.

However, there are understandably lingering questions and concerns surrounding such a new platform. As reported by FINCH, one frequently asked question was “How is the security of my data maintained in SiteMap, and how is it recovered if deleted?” Let’s take a closer look at this question specifically to help ease any concerns regarding infrastructure data security through SiteMap®

Frequently Asked SiteMap® Software Question:

“How is the security of my data maintained in SiteMap®, and how is it recovered if deleted?”

Security is paramount, and an ever-evolving aspect of any software. While continuously adapting to potential threats, SiteMap® has taken every possible measure to make sure that your data is secured. Whether your data is “at rest” and stored within our interface waiting for future reference, or if it’s “in use,” constantly being updated and shared, we’ve introduced a number of best practices that conform with leading security standards in order to make sure that your information is completely protected.

To further prove our commitment to data security, SiteMap® follows OWASP standard practices of data management protection. Another certification SiteMap aims to attain this year is ISO standard 27001, in which a third party evaluates the system with an objective perspective to attest to the fact that SiteMap® is abiding by leading standards.

Concerning deletion recovery, there are two different ways this can occur and be addressed. First, something can happen from an infrastructure perspective, in which the SiteMap® system went down. Since this system is hosted, it utilizes what’s referred to as replication. This means that the data uploaded to SiteMap® doesn’t just exist in one place but rather it’s backed up to different data centers and restore points. If for any reason the platform were to malfunction or go down unexpectedly, customers can rest assured that this will not endanger their data.

Now, if a user were to delete something there are different recovery options in place depending on the severity of the situation. In most cases, if somebody were to accidentally delete a line or a single data point, they would simply have to recreate this on their end as the administrative overhead to try to restore a single element would not be time efficient for them or the SiteMap® service tem. However, if a company were to experience a catastrophic loss on their end for some reason, SiteMap® has a number of troubleshooting options at its disposal to evaluate and assist the customer in order to recover those lost data files.

From a customer perspective, there are also a number of features we’ve implemented to ensure all the information uploaded to the SiteMap® system is kept completely safe. By embracing multi factor authentication methods, anytime a new user creates an account or logs in thereafter, they must verify their identity within the system.

SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, can help redefine collaboration for your next construction project. With secure and accurate methods of data visualization, facility managers and their teams are provided with the digital tools they need to stay on budget and maximize their project’s success. Regardless of size or complexity, SiteMap®’s modern solutions to infrastructure management software are customizable to fit the needs of your particular project. Learn more by downloading our brochure, and contacting us for a quote today!