SiteMap® FAQ: Does the System Require Upkeep, or Does It Auto-Update to Avoid Glitches?

SiteMap® FAQ: Does the System Require Upkeep, or Does It Auto-Update to Avoid Glitches?

SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, goes above and beyond any standard GIS or cloud-based infrastructure management platform. With SiteMap®, facility managers are empowered with the digital tools they need to streamline communication, organization, and safety on their construction projects. This allows for better collaboration than ever before across multiple teams, addressing projects of varying size and complexity.

So, it comes as no surprise that 90% of the facility managers who were not currently using a cloud-based system for data storage and were recently surveyed by FINCH Brands, a premier consumer insights firm, expressed interest in utilizing SiteMap® for their future projects. The goal of this study was to identify major problems facility managers face day-to-day, and identify the best solutions possible to solve them.

More specifically, features of this industry-leading platform which appealed most to those surveyed included the following:

  • 3D digital spatial information
  • 60% facility managers surveyed noted the 3D digital spatial information, i.e., mapping and modeling, as a major benefit to SiteMap’s capabilities
  • Underground utility & pipe inspection capabilities
  • 55% participants expressed interest in using the underground utility & pipe inspection capabilities offered through GPRS and mapped/modeled via SiteMap 
  • Comprehensive access
  • A secondary benefit identified through the survey was SiteMap’s comprehensive access, as all the data needed for a project would now be in one place
  • Information Accuracy
  • Another secondary benefit is the accuracy of information and models, with the most up-to-date information and real-time data being made available to all team members at once.

While the survey provided valuable insights to the success of the platform and its ability to address key pain points for facility managers in the industry, there are understandably some remaining questions surrounding such a revolutionary technology. We at SiteMap® are here to help address these questions and ease any concerns you or your team might still have!

One question in particular identified during the FINCH study was “Does the System Require Upkeep, or Does It Auto-Update to Avoid Glitches?” We aim to address this question and give our customers the clarity they need while working with this new system…

Frequently Asked SiteMap® Software Question:

“How accurate is this system, is data updated in real time?”

While the SiteMap system requires upkeep, the good news for customers of the software is that SiteMap’s specialized Project Managers take on that responsibility instead of leaving that burden to the user. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes within the system in terms of care and maintenance, but from the perspective of the customer, they just need to make sure that their personal browser is up to date and/or that they’re accepting new updates on their laptop and mobile device. This will especially be the case when our mobile SiteMap® app is soon launched, such that this amazing platform can be made mobile.

SiteMap has a major advantage compared to other GIS systems available today. By maintaining such a light footprint, as long as you have internet connectivity and an updated web browser, customers can interact with the secured data that they need when they need it. With important project plans and documents at their fingertips, and the ability to share it with team members in real time, projects are no longer beholden to the cumbersome processes they used to rely on. Without having to install some type of heavy application or wait for a hard copy of data to come through in order to take action, facility managers and their teams can simply pull up the documents and models then need within just a few clicks, empowering them to make decisions more efficiently, saving the project time, money, and potential safety risks.

Though no upkeep is involved when accessing SiteMap®, there are a number of resources provided for those who wish to understand the platform in further detail and/or require additional help getting started. While SiteMap® is designed to be a very intuitive platform, allowing the user to really hit the ground running with little to no training, some users might want some additional assistance around particular features. To help with these directly, our SiteMap® experts have done a great job of curating informative content and short video snippets to walk users through how to use specific pieces of functionality in the system. Additionally, there’s overviews that guide customers through the more general background of SiteMap® and what you can expect when you’re on the platform for the first time.

With the power of SiteMap®, singular subsurface infrastructure mapping has never been easier. This solution allows facility managers and their teams to store, map, model, and share their facility data in the most efficient way, providing them with unparalleled digital tools customizable for projects of any size or complexity. As highlighted throughout the great finding of the FINCH report, SiteMap’s innovative visualization capabilities provide the solutions needed for those who aim to Visualize the Built WorldTM.

Want to learn more about how you and your team can collaborate better using SiteMap®? Download our brochure, and contact us for a quote today!