SiteMap®: Bridging the Gap in Construction Technology

SiteMap®: Bridging the Gap in Construction Technology

In 2021, the United States construction industry had the highest number of fatal work-related accidents resulting in 1,015 deaths, and most of these were the result of human error.

In an industry as intricate and multifaceted as construction, the significance of data cannot be overstated. With proper data comes proper risk mitigation, reducing the instance of catastrophe. From project planning to execution and maintenance, the ability to manage, analyze, and visualize data efficiently is pivotal. SiteMap® works as an innovative platform poised to bridge the gap in construction technology by revolutionizing data integration. 

The Complexity of Construction Data

Construction projects generate an immense volume of data, ranging from architectural designs and engineering plans to supply chain logistics and on-site progress tracking. Traditionally, managing this data has been fragmented, often leading to inefficiencies, delays, and budget overruns. 

An engineer and architect discussing blueprints data working and digital tablet on construction building project.

SiteMap®: Transforming Construction Data Dynamics

SiteMap® is more than just a GIS platform, or a subsurface data management tool, it’s a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that takes raw data and turns it into something that can be read and understood by anyone on your team. It helps visualize your data in new ways, both exciting and advanced. 

Unified Data Aggregation

SiteMap® serves as a centralized hub, aggregating diverse datasets from various sources, permitting that your subscription allows it. Whether it’s blueprints, as builts, photographs, or other data types, SiteMap® consolidates this information, offering a comprehensive and holistic view of the project. Your data is layered, mapped, cross-referenced, and updated as needed to ensure accurate subsurface as builts. And while SiteMap® contains its own intuitive GIS component, it can also easily integrate with your existing GIS, permitting your subscription allows for this. This integration is  powered by GPRS’ 99.8% accuracy rating across more than 400,000 jobs.

Real-Time Visualization

The platform goes beyond static representations. Its dynamic visualizations allow stakeholders to track project progress, identify bottlenecks, and foresee potential issues in real time. From interactive maps which allow for new ways to understand your data to 3D models showcasing your data in a new light, SiteMap® transforms data into actionable visual insights. The better you can understand your data, the better off you are.

Streamlined Collaboration

SiteMap® fosters seamless collaboration among project teams, contractors, architects, and stakeholders. Its shared platform enables transparent communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page, thereby reducing misunderstandings and enhancing productivity. This is crucial for construction, where one wrong move, even by a fraction of an inch, could effectively take out half a neighborhood. This happens more often than you’d believe. In the U.S., 192,745 unique damages to underground utilities were reported in 2021.

Impact on Construction Practices

Enhanced Efficiency

By streamlining data management and visualization, SiteMap® reduces time spent on manual data processing. This efficiency translates into streamlined workflows and optimized resource allocation. The more efficiently a project runs, the better the outcome. By increasing efficiency, you’re increasing the likelihood of safety and success.

 Cost Savings

Proactive risk identification and mitigation prevent costly delays and errors. SiteMap® empowers decision-makers to make informed choices, minimizing budget overruns and maximizing project profitability. In 2021, there were nearly 200,000 damages made to underground utilities during projects. The leading causes were:

  • No notification to 811
  • Failure to pothole and/or to maintain sufficient clearance
  • Utilities not properly marked

By using a service like GPRS, at least half of those could have been prevented. Accurate data means less costs, and less damage.

Advancement Solutions

By utilizing a platform like SiteMap®, construction managers can take the guesswork out of their job site. Are there pipes under that new highway? Does anything need to be located, or relocated? How old are the maps being used? There are so many variables with construction, and even if you have the data, there’s a good chance it’s wrong. GPRS maintains a 99.8% accuracy rating nationwide, giving construction managers and their teams the best chance for a safe and fast job. Without tools and technology that GPRS uses, construction practices would stagnate and fail to advance which means that our very infrastructure would crumble at a rate that is more alarming than it already is. With SiteMap®, you not only can see the world below your feet, but you can also help advance the world above your feet.

Crossing a New Bridge

SiteMap® takes your data and makes it easy to read, search, and share. By using a platform such as ours, you’re giving your construction managers the best chance at success. This helps combine the best construction technologies and practices with the finest science available.

Utility strikes are a very real concern that affect multitudes of construction projects per year. In fact, the number of utility strikes is rising, as per the 2022 DIRT report. Three-year modelling from 2020-2022 reveals that damages per construction spending increased 12.35 per cent and damages per 1,000 transmissions increased 9.34 per cent between 2021 and 2022. One of the leading causes of utility strikes is inaccurate subsurface data, which is nearly completely avoidable with a service like GPRS and a platform like SiteMap®.

When you combine the best of two fields, you get safety, you get accuracy, and you get advancement beyond what has been seen before. By using SiteMap®, construction and project managers can easily access and share their data with their entire team. No extra knowledge is needed to understand this data and can even be quickly and easily viewed through SiteMap®’s Map Viewer. From the time you sign up, to the moment you sign off, SiteMap® makes seeing the subsurface simple.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, embracing data-driven solutions becomes imperative. SiteMap® stands at the forefront, reshaping how construction projects are managed and executed. By seamlessly integrating data and intelligence, it’s not merely revolutionizing construction technology—it’s laying the foundation for a more efficient, productive, and visionary construction landscape, as well as a landscape that hopefully boasts more success than disaster.

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