Lean Construction Principles & SiteMap

Lean Construction Principles & SiteMap

As defined by the Lean Construction Institute, Lean Construction is a process of project delivery and execution which relies on “methods of maximizing stakeholder value while reducing waste by emphasizing collaboration between teams on a project.” The key goal of this practice is to “increase productivity, profits, and innovation in the industry.”

Here at SiteMap® powered by GPRS, our services support lean, streamlined, and collaborative techniques to facility management. With our innovative mapping, modeling, and easily accessible data storage technologies, we provide customers looking to Visualize The Built World™ with the powerful all-in-one service they need to maximize their project’s success. We’re here to help you navigate your project and implement Lean Construction practices from beginning to end.

Unlike modern Lean Construction methods of working, more traditional approaches to construction often rely on design-bid-build or design-build types of contracts. These contracts will purposely separate the different parties involved on a given project into smaller teams with their own individual contracts. This will often hinder progress in the long run by creating a tunnel vision mentality within each of these individual groups. In most cases, it reaches a point at which these groups are each only interested in the success of their own small part of the project instead of the whole picture.

In cases like this, when an issue arises during project execution, it becomes much harder to work as a whole team to rectify the problem. Usually, the divided teams will choose to spend more time pointing fingers at one another to protect their own reputation, rather than band together and address the problem at hand. Without the financial or contractual incentive to improve the overall project outcome as a united team, these project delivery methods suffocate innovation because separated teams lack financial incentive to work together and improve outcomes. This is a waste of time and often promotes toxic and ineffective work environments.

On the other hand, Lean Construction methodologies utilize an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system of working. IPD systems use one contract to align the expectations and responsibilities of the design, management, and construction teams involved in the project. All financial targets and success milestones are agreed upon when signing the contract, and the parties involved split the profits. This promotes everyone involved, regardless of their particular responsibility, to work under one goal as a single team.

The Lean Construction method of working can help a project save time, money and resources by streamlining logistics, promoting collaboration, and eliminating overages. However, this approach requires constant communication among team members and organized methods of sharing information. For this reason, SiteMap® goes above and beyond merely providing you with standard GIS software. Our innovative technology is completely redefining collaboration by providing an all-encompassing, comprehensive service to map, model, and store data for your entire site above and below ground.

With SiteMap®, you will be equipped with all the necessary digital tools your team needs to execute your Lean Construction project and maximize your overall success. Our modern technology allows customers to view their infrastructure in a way that is accurately mapped, digitally organized, and easily accessible. This state-of-the-art service is built on two key pillars – the Map Viewer and the Digital Plan Room – to ensure you are provided with the most efficient digital construction tools.

With Map Viewer, the often complex, slow, and confusing process of viewing facility data is completely simplified, allowing users to reference locational data with important models, specifications, and other uploaded documents. Using this feature, facility managers can then easily track and designate documents for future reference. In addition, the Map Viewer provides a unique, fluid experience for sharing and updating location documents, allowing you and your team to save time and greatly improve your overall communication.

SiteMap®’s Digital Plan Room then serves as an easily accessible, streamlined, central repository for all your project’s important documents and data. Be it facility maps, models, photos, reports, or any other crucial as-built documentation, these files can be easily uploaded and cross-referenced when viewing via the Map Viewer feature. By appropriately tagging each document with its corresponding location information, The Digital Plan Room serves as a collaborative and secure digital storage space for all your project’s important facility documents.

The services provided by SiteMap® greatly improve the level of communication, organization, and safety on any project, so you and your team can collaborate better than ever before. Our services support those striving to Visualize The Built World™ and practicing the Lean Construction approach by providing a modern platform that’s streamlined and user-friendly.

With our Map Viewer and Digital Plan Room features, as well as our GPRS data collection methodologies, you can feel confident knowing you’re always provided with the most accurate, fully comprehensive models of any site, covering everything above and below ground and how they exactly relate spatially with one another. With SiteMap®, you can feel empowered when communicating your plans with subcontractors, designers, engineers, and others using our modern, streamlined approach.’

Learn more about how we can help your team redefine collaboration and eliminate change orders, work stoppages, damage, and cost overruns by visiting our official SiteMap® website, downloading our brochure, and contacting us for a quote today!