Leak Detection Services, Mapping, and Modeling

Leak Detection Services, Mapping, and Modeling

Leaks and water main breaks can cause major damage by eroding soil and therefore creating underground voids. These voids can then severely compromise the integrity of buildings long before any water can even be seen at the surface.

This issue is far more common than you might think. According to the American Water Works Association, it is estimated that US water and sewer pipes collectively lose more than two trillion gallons of water due to leaks within their current infrastructure. To put this in perspective, that is enough water to submerge the city of Manhattan 300 feet underwater.

With our accurate GPRS leak detection and routine water loss inspections paired with our innovative SiteMap® digital tools, facility managers are able to better organize and comprehensively visualize all the data collected. These services can help you and your team to mitigate the potential of water loss damages on your next construction project. We specialize in all types of leak detection, including municipal, industrial, and residential. Our Leak Detection Specialists have all the necessary equipment and expertise to locate leaks and provide insights into the current state of your water distribution system.

Leaks and water main breaks can cause major damage by eroding soil, creating underground voids.

How can Leaks be Detected?

Our GPRS Leak Detection Project Managers utilize the most modern technologies paired with decades of expertise in order to pinpoint any leak and its exact location. Be it a major water main break or a small service pipe fracture, the leak location and size can be verified with correlating software in real-time. These services can even be fully integrated with other services like infrastructure mapping, video pipe inspection, and utility locating to improve the efficiency of this process and provide customers with a full understanding of their project’s current subsurface infrastructure.

Here at GPRS, we utilize two main technologies for our leak detection services. The first is acoustic leak detection which leverages sophisticated ground microphones in order to listen for leaks coming from subsurface pipes. Our elite Leak Detection Project Managers are able to use these tools to identify specific sounds and frequencies caused by pipeline leaks.

In addition, we utilize leak noise correlators. These devices are specialized electronic tools which are used to locate leaks in water lines and water pipes by using sensors placed on both sides of the pipe to send information back and forth between each via radio. This efficient, automated process accurately identifies all present leak locations, displaying on the main control unit any detected anomalies.

What are the Benefits of Leak Detection Inspection Services?

By combining such innovative technology and equipment with Project Managers who are SIM trained and qualified, our services not only utilize the best tools available, they are performed by professionals who have been trained and mentored specifically to assess every possible situation while prioritizing safety at all times.

GPRS’ video pipe inspection processes are NASSCO certified to identify any faults and pipe defects within your site’s underground water, sewer lines, and lateral pipelines. Such services are very important to establish a baseline understanding of the current state of any underground waterways and pipeline systems.

With this reliable certification, our methodologies ensure that our GPRS VPI Project Managers have received all of their required NASSCO training and certifications to provide our customers with the proper NASSCO standard reports for all pipe inspections performed. The intensive training our Project Managers  undergo to provide you with the best possible services include PACP (Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program), LACP (Lateral Assessment & Certification Program), and MACP (Manhole Assessment & Certification Program). You can learn more about these certifications by visiting our GPRS website.

How can you use Leak Detection Data?

Our GPRS Leak Detection Project Managers are able to first utilize acoustics detection techniques on site. They are then able to more accurately pinpoint and supplement this process through Leak Detection Correlators. From this process, our customers are then provided with fully comprehensive and accurate ‍Leak Detection Field Reports with a complete assessment of the state of every underground waterway on their job site.

These results can then be uploaded, properly filed, and fully visualized through our innovative SiteMap® platform. Here all data collected concerning underground pipes and utilities all the way to drone imagery can then be spatially related, fully modeled, and easily shared across all project teams. This process greatly improves the safety across any project by avoiding improper filing and streamlining communication so you and your team can collaborate better than ever before.

Our modern services support those looking to fully Visualize The Built World™ using an easy, streamlined approach to infrastructure management and collaboration. You can learn more about SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, by downloading our brochure, and contacting us for a quote today!