How GPRS Green Box Guarantee Gives SiteMap Users Confidence in Their Data

How GPRS Green Box Guarantee Gives SiteMap Users Confidence in Their Data

Regardless of the type of construction project at hand, the three most important goals always set are to stay on time, on budget, and safe throughout the entire process. Using our SiteMap® services powered by GPRS, you can rest assured that when drilling, cutting, or coring through a concrete deck, you’re empowered with accurate data and evaluation results which are backed by GPRS’ Green Box Guarantee. This industry-leading, proprietary program provides contractors, facility managers, engineers, and their entire teams with the necessary assurance they need to successfully execute their projects.

What is the GPRS Green Box Guarantee?

The Green Box Guarantee is a promise to our customers that when we place a Green Box within a layout prior to anchoring or coring concrete, we guarantee that the area will be completely free of obstructions. This service is made possible by our accurate concrete scanning which utilize the most modern methodologies to locate, map, and model all subsurface obstructions and how they relate spatially to each other.

We are so confident in our services and the SIM-Certified Project Managers who execute them that if there is ever a case where a Green Box certified area isn’t free of obstructions, GPRS will pay the cost of any damage that occurs as a result. We truly believe our products are worth more than what we could ever put on paper. As a competitive leader in this industry, we continue to prove our worth through action, and not just talk. This is why our subsurface damage prevention rate at GPRS is 99.8% in over 350,000 locations.

What are the benefits for our customers?

GPRS’ Green Box Guarantee delivers numerous benefits to our customers that our competitors cannot provide. With the Green Box Guarantee, you and your team can remain confident in our evaluation services, and accomplish the four most crucial goals for any project…

  • Safety
    The Green Box Guarantee helps you to  prevent any potentially life-threatening injuries and damage due to unexpected utility strikes
  • Efficiency
    By ensuring there are no unforeseen obstructions beneath the surface, our evaluation services prevent any unnecessary project delays
  • Cost savings
    With the Green Box Guarantee, you and your team can avoid the costly repairs and unexpected change orders that come from unearthing obstructions after breaking ground
  • Clear communication
    Throughout the entire process, we provide the necessary digital tools through our SiteMap® platform, keeping your entire team in the loop before, during, and after the locate

Using our SiteMap services powered by GPRS means you can rest assured that when drilling, cutting, or coring through a concrete deck, you’re empowered with accurate data and evaluation results which are backed by GPRS’ Green Box Guarantee.

What are the key features of our Green Box Guarantee?

There are 6 key features which sets our services apart…

1. Safety

Potential electrical conduit strikes present an especially high risk of electric shock to the equipment operator and any nearby workers. These strikes can also cause nearby operations to shut down, and can even cause area-wide power outages. By cutting, coring, or drilling through a post-tension cable, critical structural damage or injury can occur. If the post-tension cable is severed, this can lead to compromised structural integrity. We are committed to creating the best possible services which prioritize the safety concerns of everyone involved.

2. Efficiency

Our highly trained GPRS Project Managers accurately clear hundreds of cutting/coring areas every day. Once areas completely clear of any obstruction are identified, cutting, coring, and drilling through them can significantly speed up the demolition or renovation process. This allows contractors to avoid any unwanted delays due to line strikes, damaged reinforcement, and change orders while minimizing potential budget overruns.

3. Cost Savings

It can cost a project thousands of dollars to repair damaged wire and conduit from an electrical strike, and post-tension cable repairs and restressing typically costs several thousand dollars per tendon. Weighed down by such massive costs, whole job sites can be shut down due to cutting through a post-tension cable, critical rebar, electrical conduit, or other unknown obstructions.

4. Clear Communication

Our Green Box Guarantee information is presented directly on the surface of the coring location, and accurately recorded and modeled within our SiteMap® platform. GPRS also performs post-job walkthroughs to clearly explain all Green Box Guarantee locations and their exact parameters.

5. Concrete Imaging

There is an inherent risk of striking rebar, conduit, and post-tension cables that comes with any cutting or coring work. However, GPRS’s Green Box Guarantee system ensures you are provided with the accurate, detailed reporting and concrete imaging services you need to confidently execute any project while keeping your safe and on budget when cutting and coring concrete.

6. Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) Specifications

From the training of our Project Managers, to their equipment and evaluation practices, we prioritize the use of proper field-tested methods to execute successful concrete scans. To achieve this we strictly adhere to SIM Certification in all our services.

GPRS leads the industry with a 99.8% subsurface scanning accuracy year after year.

GPRS leads the industry with a project accuracy of 99.8% year after year. When pairing such trustworthy evaluation services with our innovative SiteMap® digital planning tools, you and your team will always be provided with the most accurate, fully comprehensive models of your project site. Our services completely evaluate your job site from top to bottom, mapping and modeling every feature above and below ground and how they exactly relate spatially with one another.

Learn more about how we can help your team redefine collaboration and eliminate change orders, work stoppages, damage, and cost overruns by visiting our official SiteMap® website, downloading our brochure, and contacting us for a quote today!