Decoding SiteMap® Pro: A Permanent Solution for Dynamic Data Needs in Infrastructure

Decoding SiteMap® Pro: A Permanent Solution for Dynamic Data Needs in Infrastructure

Infrastructure is rapidly changing and evolving, much like the world around it. This change demands robust data management systems that can keep up with its dynamism. For professionals in infrastructure and data management, staying ahead involves harnessing innovative tools designed for scalability, precision, and real-time operability. Within this context, SiteMap® Pro (patent pending), powered by GPRS, emerges as a single solution for those navigating the complex waters of modern subsurface data management. 

Understanding Dynamic Data Needs in Infrastructure

In an age where changes to utility infrastructure occur at a lightning pace, the ability to manage dynamic data effectively is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. The implications of outdated or static data can range from minor inconveniences to catastrophic failures in infrastructure management. Many studies have shown the need for better data discovery and management in the subsurface field.

 A case study in Singapore in 2018 concluded that a one-off area-based mapping approach utilizing a 3D or multichannel GPR is not feasible nor economically viable (Van Son et al., 2019). Inspection of the data and the case study results shows that valuable information on underground conditions was obtained and that there were significant discrepancies between the detected utilities which were extracted as 2.5D points and lines and the available GIS information on existing utilities. Notable observations from the case study were that many GIS records did not match their counterparts mapped from the GPR data with sufficient accuracy and that it was not possible to confidently match all GIS records with their GPR counterparts and vice versa. Moreover, legacy GIS records were available in 2D only, lacking elevation information that could be obtained from GPR. This study supported the fact that there is a need to shift from old records to new methods and keeping, such as the combination of GPR and other methods to accurately map utilities. 

The Real-time Relevance

Real-time data underpins critical decision-making, ensures safety, and aids in efficient resource allocation. Infrastructure professionals realize that the temporality of data can become a liability if not properly managed. This necessitates a solution that can provide an up-to-date, interactive underground utility map—crucial for any stakeholder in the field. While SiteMap® doesn’t provide real time updates, your data is delivered often within minutes of GPRS completing your locate job. This means that the data you’re given is the most accurate data for your specific job, for the time frame of your job, permitting that no major utility changes are made during the job. For those changes to be reflected within your SiteMap®, you’d need to have GPRS come out and do another locate to update said data within SiteMap®. You may also annotate changes yourself, and update records as you go. 

Introducing SiteMap® Pro

SiteMap Pro

SiteMap® Pro, powered by GPRS, stands at the forefront, solving the intricate challenges of managing utility infrastructure data. Here’s how it redefines the paradigm:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast Updates: Ensuring data is current and actionable.
  • User-friendly: Simplifying complex data with ease of use in mind.
  • Mobile Integration: Making GIS software more accessible than ever before.
  • Customization: Tailoring the tool to individual project needs.
  • Scalability: Growing with your data requirements over time.
  • Security:Secure cloud-based storage
  • Control: Upload and store as-built drawings and site records
  • Import: Ability to import existing infrastructure data
  • The Extras: Attach videos, photos, GPR data, and other documents
  • Ultimate Access: Access to GPRS data

These features coalesce to make SiteMap® Pro an indispensable asset for any infrastructure professional who values data integrity and operational efficiency. Campus, facility or distributed assets all receive GPRS’ 99.8% subsurface visualization accuracy, aggregated to provide an instant snapshot – past, present & future – secured in one centralized, accessible database.

Comparison with Traditional Data Management Approaches

GPRS Project Manager shaking hands with a contractor using viewing SiteMap on a tablet

The traditional methods of managing infrastructure data appear archaic when juxtaposed with the capabilities of SiteMap® Pro. Where manual updates, static representations, and siloed databases once ruled, the transition to a more fluid, interactive system represents a quantum leap. SiteMap® offers users a convenient way to experience facility and location data. Additionally, this geospatial solution functions as a digital storage platform for blueprints, as-built drawings, maintenance records, and permits.

A Side-by-Side Gaze

While traditional GIS software systems provide foundational data management, they often lack the immediacy and interoperability that modern infrastructure demands. SiteMap® Pro addresses these gaps with precision, integrating seamlessly to ensure continuity and up-to-date data governance. SiteMap® Pro gives users layered, mapped, and cross-referenced subsurface data that can be updated as needed to ensure accurate subsurface as-builts to see you through planning, prefabrication, and construction, all the way through operations & maintenance.

Keeping Safe

While the use of maps and physical sources was once the accepted norm, it’s easy to see that these methods are wholly obsolete, falling behind the demands and needs of a modern infrastructure management system. SiteMap® Pro answers the need for a simple, easy-to-use system that not only keeps your data safe, but helps keep your crew and the community safe as well. SiteMap® allows you to be in control of your data, sharing it with who needs it most. You decide the number of users, their level of access, and how your data is used. From historical data through current as-builts, you can put the right information into the right hands exactly when they need it. This means that your data is safely stored within SiteMap®, only accessible to those who you allow to access it. Maps can fly out the window, but SiteMap® can’t, not unless you throw your phone out the window of course. 

Powerful Partner

GPRS powers SiteMap®. In addition to being the nation’s largest private utility locating company, GPRS collects the most comprehensive utility location information. GPRS delivers high-quality maps when performing utility locates, concrete scans, leak detection, and video pipe inspections. Clients can better manage their facilities, complete improvements, renovations, and excavate safely using these maps. Using SiteMap®, facilities can manage their previously generated maps while retaining live access to those maps. Outdated, old, hand-drawn maps and as-builts can’t deliver the accuracy and ease of use that GPRS and SiteMap® can. 

Implementation and Integration

Incorporating SiteMap® Pro with existing systems is a testament to its design philosophy, emphasizing minimal friction and maximum data fidelity & portability. 

The following steps should guide you:

  1. Assess current infrastructure data systems and identify data portability points.
  2. Leverage SiteMap® Pro’s support structure to answer any questions
  3. Install and sign up for SiteMap® after ordering a GPRS locate
  4. Share and view SiteMap®!

Using SiteMap® is simple. So simple that it only requires you to download the app, sign up, and wait for your data. Once you order a utility locate or other infrastructure visualization job with GPRS, you’ll be given the option to scale up your SiteMap® tier, giving you access to even more exciting features, such as those available in Pro. From there, you’ll sign up, and start using SiteMap®. SiteMap® was designed to work beautifully on any device, and requires no extra training to use. 

SiteMap® Pro is not just a product—it’s a progressive step towards a future where data management is synonymous with clarity, accuracy, and agility. For infrastructure professionals, it represents an investment in reliability and future-readiness—an invitation to move beyond the limitations of the past and into the clear waters of informed decision-making.

In a world where the only constant is change, SiteMap® Pro is a steadfast partner for all your dynamic data needs. Contact SiteMap® today to learn more about how we can help serve your project. 

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