Construction Industry News: Silver Spring Township Water Treatment Case Study

Construction Industry News: Silver Spring Township Water Treatment Case Study

It is crucial to assess the state of all underground utilities, water and sewage pipes prior to implementing modern water treatment projects.

The need for reliable and accurate infrastructure assessment is crucial before any updates, renovations, or new technologies are implemented to a given job site. For example, recently “a risk-free performance trial of a new autonomous bio-augmentation technology from Enbiorganic Technologies” for water treatment was successfully implemented in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania.

As the fastest growing community in the greater Harrisburg, PA area, the township’s wastewater treatment plant “serves a population of approximately 18,000 residents with an average treatment of .8 MGD and design capacity of 1.2 MGD.” With such a large population that is predicted to only continue rising, a better solution for the plant’s annual budget without sacrificing its efficiency was in high demand.

For this reason, Silver Spring accepted an opportunity to run a trial of Enbiorganic Technologies’s newest solution for sustainable water treatment. For this trial phase “a single EBS-Di unit from EnBiorganic Technologies (EBT)…”  which is a device that “utilizes a customized proprietary active state soil microbiology, custom-tailored by EBT to Silver Spring’s wastewater, that is autonomously delivered into its collection system using a patent-pending process which generates and activates the microbiology consortium.” Extraordinarily, these microbes can “perform without oxygen, are highly adaptable and immediately went to work, rapidly dominating Silver Spring’s system.”

The results were groundbreaking. After just 60 days, “Silver Spring realized visible evidence of 23 percent biosolids removal, 63 percent total solids reduction, nearly 100 percent odor eradication and a significant reduction in FOG.” With time, these microbes will “continue to progress upstream and positively impact other portions of the system.” In addition, “sludge processing has now become more efficient, and less water is being sent to the landfill. It is estimated that $18/ton reduction for sludge handling will be realized… it is anticipated that a 62 percent reduction in monthly sludge handling costs will also be gained.”

The GPRS Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) processutilizes advanced CCTV cameras to perform detailed sewer pipe inspection services for our customers.

 For implementing modern water treatment projects like the EBT project in Spring Township, it is crucial to assess the state of all underground utilities and all underground water and sewage pipes prior to initiating new treatment systems to maximize their success.

With SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, we deploy state-of-the-art Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) and Utility Locating Services. Our methodologies leverage the most advanced, industry-leading equipment to perform detailed inspections of any site. Whether the project is for a public or private entity, our unmatched nationwide service network will easily connect you with an expert Project Manager within 24 to 48 hours of contact, completely equipped to help solve any utility locating and/or pipe inspection needs.

Our Video Pipe Inspection (VPI)  process in particular utilizes advanced CCTV cameras to perform detailed sewer pipe inspection services for our customers. This inspection process is officially NASSCO certified to identify any faults and pipe defects within your site’s underground water, sewer lines, and lateral pipelines. Such services are very important to establish a baseline understanding of the current state of any underground waterways and pipeline systems.

Being NASSCO certified ensures our GPRS Project Managers have received all of their required NASSCO training and certifications to provide our customers with the proper NASSCO standard reports for all pipe inspections performed. The intensive training our Project Managers  undergo to provide you with the best possible services include PACP (Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program), LACP (Lateral Assessment & Certification Program), and MACP (Manhole Assessment & Certification Program). You can learn more about these certifications by visiting our GPRS website.

 After assessment, the following maps and reports can be documented and viewed using our innovative SiteMap® digital construction tools in the form of…

  • Full Digital Reports
    In order to properly maintain sewers, it is important to first understand the  sewer’s current condition. SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, offers the most modern WinCan methods of reporting Video Pipe Inspection results. 
    WinCan is our certified Project Managers at GPRS who are able to collect the detailed NASSCO-compliant inspection data needed to provide you with fully comprehensive reports for your project. These reports are then stored and referenced through our SiteMap® Digital Plan Room feature.
  • Detailed, Interactive Maps
    GPRS Project Managers not only provide complete inspections of the interior water pipe, sewer pipe, sewer lateral and manhole conditions underground, but they can also provide an accurate, interactive map of all their subsurface locations, depths, and how they spatially relate to each other.
    In SiteMap®’s Map Viewer, you and your team are provided detailed GPS overlays and CAD files created by our GPRS Deliverables Department after evaluating the raw CCTV film collected during initial inspection.
  • Video Inspection Files
    All the completed WinCan/Nassco reports from our inspections will contain screenshots of all interior conditions for every pipe segment we inspected. Our Project Managers also provide you with raw video files of the complete inspection for your reference, documentation, and/or any further evaluation.

Our inspection services are then comprehensively mapped and modeled using SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, so you and your team are empowered to successfully execute any project with all the necessary digital construction tools.

We are always striving to help those looking to Visualize The Built World™ by providing high-resolution, accurately detailed, clear maps and models of any site. Learn more about how SiteMap® can help you completely visualize your facility in a new, innovative way. Download our brochure, and contact us for a quote today!