Construction Industry News: BMW Announces $810 Million Supplier EV Plant Construction Project

Construction Industry News: BMW Announces $810 Million Supplier EV Plant Construction Project

Supplier EV Plant Construction Project

Just before the new year, BMW announced the initiation of a massive new construction project. This project is “an $810 million EV [electric vehicle] battery supply plant in Florence County, South Carolina.” With the help of their partners at Japanese EV battery firm Envision AESC , this investment would “create 1,170 new jobs… and is part of a wave of EV battery production facilities throughout the U.S.” It’s not just BMW, though, that is ramping up electric vehicle production. Other automakers like Honda for example announced their plans for an EV hub in Ohio, “selecting a battery production site near facilities it will retool for EVs.” In addition, in 2022, Hyundai announced the construction of a new EV campus where “both batteries and a diverse line of EVs will be manufactured.”

If you and your team are ever presented with an opportunity to work on such innovative EV-related projects, you can trust that our services here at SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, will help you take charge, stay organized, and fully visualize every detail of your job site. This is why GPRS has been able to successfully complete more than 1,500 locations for EV charging station installations in the last 18 months.

SiteMap, powered by GPRS, helps clients take charge, stay organized, and fully visualize every detail of their job sites.

Here are some of the important aspects to consider for any EV project:

  • Nationwide Coverage
    GPRS maintains an unmatched nationwide service network which allows you to find an expert Project Manager in your area quickly and efficiently for specific site information, pricing, and scheduling needs.
    As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, the demand for EV charging infrastructure does too. Whether you’re excavating or reconstructing at an existing gas station, restaurant, office building or other retail establishment, there is a high risk of utility strikes. However, GPRS utility locating services and SiteMap® ‘s 3D mapping and modeling capabilities can limit that risk by providing you with highly accurate data on utility locations and how they spatially relate to one another by compiling, cross referencing, and sharing this data with SiteMap®.
  • EV Charging Stations
    Accidentally striking utilities while attempting to install new charging stations can result in costly and even dangerous consequences. That’s why it’s important to minimize this risk by locating the subsurface utility infrastructure. GPRS’ utility locating and concrete imaging services minimize the risk of subsurface damage and provide you with the accurate data you need to properly place each EV charging location. We strive for 100% subsurface damage prevention, making us a leader in this industry and the most trustworthy utility scanning company you could partner with. This promise of data integrity extends throughout the whole process, including how results are stored and visualized with SiteMap®.
  • Surveyors, Installers, and Contractors
    Redesigns and project delays can cost your company valuable time and money. That’s why GPRS services are usually able to be  on site within 24-48 hours of scheduling. In order to ensure all underground infrastructure is accounted for prior to breaking ground, you need to know that your data and designs are completely up to date. With SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, we aim to provide the most accurate maps and models and digital organizational tools to keep your projects moving!
  • Accommodating Businesses
    The installation of EV charging stations is quickly becoming more common for private businesses and franchises as well. While working to retrofit EV charging stations for an existing business site, the existing utility infrastructure must be taken into account every step of the way to protect from potential strikes. GPRS uses modern ground penetrating radar (GPR) among other industry-leading techniques to scan for subsurface utilities and obstructions. This data is then compiled, cross referenced, and shareable with SiteMap®. We aim to support businesses as they transition into the modern age of transport by helping them prevent costly strikes, saving them time and money.

Our services here at SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, help facility managers and their teams fully Visualize The Built World™ using an easy, streamlined approach. You can learn more by downloading our brochure, and contacting us for a quote today!