Connecting the Dots: SiteMap® Mobile App & Cross-Referencing in Facility Management

Connecting the Dots: SiteMap® Mobile App & Cross-Referencing in Facility Management

As the world of facility management continues to evolve with technological advancements, the ability to cross-reference data with efficiency and accuracy becomes crucial. The SiteMap® Mobile App (patent pending), powered by GPRS, emerges as a powerful ally for facility managers and maintenance professionals, providing a seamless cross-referencing experience that is both time-saving and crucial for utility grade infrastructure. 

In the intricate web of facility management, reliable data cross-referencing is indispensable. The SiteMap® Mobile App offers a sophisticated solution for those seeking a more orderly approach to handling vast amounts of infrastructure data. By harnessing this technology, facility managers can avoid common pitfalls such as outdated information and miscommunication, ultimately fostering a more productive work environment, while also preventing utility strikes. 

Understanding SiteMap® Mobile App

SiteMap® is not just another mobile application; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to integrate effortlessly into a facility manager’s workflow. Key features include fast updates, seamless design, and your own interactive database of subsurface utility mapping and existing conditions records. SiteMap® was built to be mobile, and as such, works beautifully on the app. Keeping communication fluid is one of the largest pain points for any project manager, and a mobile app is the perfect solution. 

The SiteMap® Mobile App works just like SiteMap® on the web, but better, because you can take it with you wherever you are. With the app, you’ll have access to all of the great features that you expect from SiteMap® on the web, including:

  • Digital Map Viewer
  • Aggregated Data
  • Encrypted Security 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to share with your team
  • All your subsurface infrastructure data can be aggregated, located and cross-referenced
  • GIS platform and GIS connectivity
  • Updates from GPRS often within 5 minutes of project completion
  • Customizable features

With the app, you take SiteMap®, and make it mobile. You get the features that you love and trust, all in one place, within your pocket for easy access. 

The Benefits of Cross-Referencing in Facility Management

Utility-grade infrastructure is complex. Accurate cross-referencing can make or break the efficiency of a project. Improved precision in locating underground utilities, the swift sharing of updated maps, and better coordinated maintenance schedules are only the beginning of the benefits provided by effective cross-referencing. 

Cross-referencing data allows you to see the full picture, and studies have shown that proper record management is key to the attainment of goals. By being able to see what was, you’re much better prepared to see what is, and what can be. When you cross-reference, you’re ensuring that you’re not missing anything, which can be crucial for preventing utility strikes and other roadblocks. 

How to Cross-Reference with the SiteMap® Mobile App

Cross-referencing is an art, and with the SiteMap® Mobile App, it’s one that can be easily mastered. Once you sign up for SiteMap®, you’ll be given the opportunity to download the app. Once your data is ready, you’ll be able to view your GPRS captured data easily in your SiteMap® app, as well as from your PC or other device. 

When cross-referencing in SiteMap®, you’ll need to have access to your site’s historical data, which SiteMap® does not have. However, depending on your subscription level, SiteMap’s Mapping & Modeling team can digitize your historical documentation to provide you with a direct external link to your past as builts, housed in SiteMap®. You may also elect to utilize SiteMap® without digitizing your historical data, and to compare the data in the app with your physical documents, such as older as builts and maps. SiteMap’s mobile app makes it simple to stay connected to your data, whether new or old, which helps increase efficiency. 45.1% of all facility managers want to improve efficiency, and SiteMap® is here to help. 

Data Matters

Data is persuasive, especially when it comes to improving facility management practices. Data talks, and it has a lot to say about the future and state of infrastructure management. The field is growing and changing, and SiteMap® is on the forefront of a complex solution for project managers everywhere. 

The facility management industry has shown an average annual growth rate of 2.5% over the last 5 years, and it’s unlikely to slow as cities continue to grow. North America is the fastest-growing region in the global facility management industry, meaning that it’s important for facility managers across the nation to keep up with increasing demands. SiteMap® mobile helps to do just that, by leveraging 99.8% accurate GPRS data in a modern package, allowing site managers to get the data they need, without the hassle. Data matters, and SiteMap® mobile is the easiest way to access that data. 

Overcoming Challenges

No system is without its challenges, but with the correct approach, they can be overcome. Common issues such as data discrepancies, inefficient data retrieval, and lack of standardization can hinder the potential for efficient cross-referencing practices. SiteMap® faces these challenges head on, providing an easy to use solution for your infrastructure data management and cross-referencing needs. SiteMap® helps to overcome these challenges by:

  • Creating a single source of truth
  • Offering an easy to use mobile app
  • Offering 99.8% accurate GPRS utility scanning & concrete imaging data
  • Offering 2-4mm accurate 3D point clouds, CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models
  • Offering interactive maps, and other infrastructure data visualization solutions
  • Encrypted security keeps your data safe-give access only to who needs it
  • Searchable, aggregated, and tagged maps make data easy to see
  • Offers a platform that requires no extra training to use
  • Offers a mobile app that was built for seamless, easy, and comfortable data management

Challenges happen, but they can happen a lot less when utilizing an app that helps put your project in the palm of your hands. View your data, search your maps, share your data, and cross reference your data from anywhere.

SiteMap® stands out as an indispensable component in modern facility management, seamlessly blending utility mapping with user-friendly technology. They once told you that you wouldn’t have a calculator everywhere you went, but with SiteMap®, you can have the whole world in your hands too. 

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