$56,000 & 12 Weeks Of Downtime: How Is That “Easy?”

$56,000 & 12 Weeks Of Downtime: How Is That “Easy?”

Every time someone can’t find an up-to-date plan or communicates existing facility information incorrectly, it could cost you $56,000.

Because $56,000 is the average cost to repair the damage caused by a utility strike.

In a recent study of facility managers commissioned by GPRS, it was reported that two-thirds of facility managers have experienced campus damage due to a utility strike or other locating issue.

What’s more, 50% of those managers reported miscommunication and inaccurate data as the primary sources of accidental project damage.

Each damage event resulted in 2-3 months of downtime, and an average of $56,000 in cost.

And while 80% of facility managers acknowledge that “there is always a risk” of damage when breaking ground, the majority of those managers say their as builts and facility data are stored four different locations, with 62% saying they “have to look in many places” to find the subsurface data they need.

What may be most amazing data point, however, is that even with $56,000 per strike, and having to look in four different places to find the information they need, 78% of facility managers believe finding their subsurface information is “easy.”

What is easy about $56,000 per event, 2-3 months of downtime, and the poor communication among departments that led to it all in the first place?

It is time to stop settling for the status quo in facility management. It is time to Visualize Your Built World™ with SiteMap.

If your “plan room,” whether physical, digital, or a hybrid, looks like this, SiteMap can help:

  • Your as builts are outdated
  • Existing plans are disorganized and hard to locate
  • Critical documentation is missing from your records
  • Your information is “siloed.” Some people are operating on one set of data, and another group is using another data set, with no comprehensive sharing of information
  • You have lost time, money, and maybe even lives because your facility information was fragmented, siloed, and outdated

SiteMap solves all of those problems in one simple application because it allows you to update, capture, correlate, and contain all your facility data. You can annotate it with specifications, add photos, have every level mapped from above the roof to the subsurface, and cross-reference it all in a single, shareable, geospatial solution.

Which means every person who needs access to your facility data can be given exactly what they need at the touch of a button, in the most easy-to-use form possible, so that everyone is on the same page with accurate as builts, updated utility, mapping & modeling information, photos, work orders, and field notes.

No more fragmented data. No more information silos.

And far fewer strikes, less cost, and less downtime.

SiteMap can help. Click here to find out how we can Visualize The Built World™ for you.